Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Simply the BEST ~ students!

Here I am Early Monday morning waiting for Didier to show up to do finals.. Look at my expression..Do I look nervous? Because I sure was! lol

I took my finals with the lovely Ania Lennie...Thanks for being a fantastic finals partner Ania!
Congrats to my fellow graduates:
Ania Lennie
Aquasia Aquajet
Babette Upshaw
Aphrodite Corleone
Serenity Ledevre
SilkyVv Resident
SothisSirius Resident
Wulla Zabelin

You all did such a fantastic job, and each of you worked so hard this month!

The Graduation Ceremony is Friday, June 1st 2012, at 3 PM slt.

Come join us, and cheer your favorite new model on as she walks her way down the runway!

Here is Didier, getting comfy, before starting his long day of doing finals with the 9 of us. Thank you for your time, and for passing each and every fantastic student!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Didier stampede!!!!!!!!!!!

In a few hours Didier will be starting a rather long day of facing a stream of some incredibly talented students to give them their finals. Will we all stampede upon him at 5 AM slt, all at once? That's when I plan to be there, so I can get it done and over with.

Wish me luck, I am a bit nervous.

Once again, congrats to the rest of my classmates, for their successes. I am proud of us all.

Congrats to my fellow students in the class of MAY!

Congrats to all of you! I knew we could do it!

I cant wait to see us all wearing our togas!

I cant wait to be up on the graduation runway, looking around at the beloved faces of so many people I befriended. I love you all!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nils Island Fashion show at Classic With Style 5/26/2012

Attended the fashion show showcasing the Nils Island Spring line of Fashions. The models all looked amazing as usual.

Here is the designer of today's fashions:

Nils Tomorrow, Owner of Nils Island fashion store.

Here they are, all the Classic With Style models in each of their fashion styles for tonight:

Debbiedoo Tigerfish looking very pretty in a summery dress featuring peacock feathers

Laylah Lecker Looks a bit bohemian princess in this lil gown.

Tiffani Celestalis Looks great in the gold trimmed style she wears

Vicky Yoshikawa Yongbo looks great in her moss green outfit and white go go boots.

Lisana Rossen looking summery in her blue and gold fashion, with matching shoes.

Nina Brianna looking fabulous in her black and orange print mini dress. She was tonight's center of attraction model.

Wow, I really love Sidney Abbot's Bohemian styling on this, I love the hat, and those sleeves on the mini dress.

Ladysunfire Erin looks just adorable in her lil summer dress and matching pullover sweater.

Sara (oooSaraooo) Resident looks fab in this green mini.. love the garter touch!

Princess Violeta (violetagrace resident) looks very pretty in her black lace mini dress, and look at those shoes!

Starfire Outlander looks very retro in her Kelly green print mini dress.

Mesenge looks very cute in her bell sleeved mini gown, with cute retro print.

Liberty Lighthouse looks so sweet in her faded red dress.

Lilmama Artis looked refreshing in her aqua blue mini dress.

Janet Brink looks vintage beautiful in her black corset dress.

All the CWS Models at the finale of the show. Don't they all look lovely?!?!

And, as always, Anrol cammed around the audience and selected 4 lucky girls to be featured in one of the CWS monthly videos wearing a gift of a fashion from tonight's show. Tonight's lucky girls:

Congrats (from left to right) Vixentiger Drascol, Sunflower Ogleby, Subrina Bearsfoot, and Naima-Skye Pallis
You four lucky ladies looked fantastic tonight!

I had lots of fun watching the show, and blogging about it, and I was much better prepared to handle the ton of photo's this time around! I think Nils Tomorrow makes some very pretty items to choose from and can fit a wide variety of tastes and styles, very summery and tropical. Check out her in world store, or look at her page on Marketplace, and I am sure you will find something that you'll love adding to your collection.

Styling WITCH

Event: Styling Witch Theme
Time: 5:00 pm/slt

I styled it, for our UCWS Midterm assignment, and now I am going to blog it as well!

I had so much fun putting my Glinda the Good witch style together, complete with the bubble glinda travels in. I tpd into the back stage, excited to see what all the other contestants might be wearing.
I love admiring other peoples creativity.

I was first to come out, and here I am, as Glinda the Good witch:
Eva Madenwald (me)
Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Classic With Style’s " Styling Witch Theme”!   My name is Eva Madenwald.
Not all witches have to be bad. I am here as Glinda, The Good Witch, a character from Wizard Of Oz.
The movie, and especially the song Somewhere over the Rainbow, has come to hold special meaning for me.
It, and a poem titled RAINBOW BRIDGE, have both given me a small measure of comfort in one very painful loss.
"Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable."
That's just a small portion, if you'd like to read the rest, IM me and I can share a link.
Her name had been Mimzy, and she was an abandoned newborn feral kitten, anywhere from a few hours up to a week old, when she came into my life. I hand raised her, and in the process, she and I developed a bond of love that was truly amazing. I consider her my daughter, and she thought I was her mom.
At three years old, she developed ammonia and died a few days before Christmas. I miss her so..
Upon joining Second Life, one of the first things I wanted, was to find a way to bring Mimzy into the game. She had still been alive at that point, when I finally found the cat I wanted, this Zooby cat. She died approx 6 months later. The zooby cat brought both comfort, and pain after Mimzy left my life.
I have two other memorials in Second Life in honor of her, a small lil plot at the animal cemetery SIM, and a dedication wall at dogland SIM.
In real Life, she rests under a backyard apple tree.
Eva wears:
Gown: Bliss Couture ~ Josefine
Crown: AliciaKay Kilara ~ Glinda Good Witch Inspired Outfit
Wand:  AliciaKay Kilara ~ Glinda Good Witch Inspired Outfit
Bubble: miranda Sapphire ~ Floating Bubble
Hair: Natashainka Martynov ~Strawberry Blonde #2.
Shoes: Similar Italian Footwear~ Scilla (white)
Skin: Curio ~  Sundust Lustre pure
Shape: DH Shape
Cat: Zooby ~ Ultimate Black Cat ~ In memory of Mimzy
Thank you everyone that came out, also to Anrol, Steve, and the Classic With Style Staff for this place to express our styling and creative expressions.  Thanks also to Debbie for judging tonight!  Best wishes and good  luck!

Followed by in no particular order other then how I took their photos:

Hello everyone and thankyou for coming to our Styling Show here at CWS! My name is Sara, I'm from Sydney, Australia! I'm a recent graduate of the University of Classic With Style (UCWS). I'm also a contestant in the Ms Universe 2012 pageant. Today our styling theme is "Witch".
And so I am Sara, the Wiccan Goddess of the East!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wicca is the only style of witchery that I identify with because it's all about spirituality and being kind and cherishing everyone and everything around you. I began setting the tone for my outfit with one of my favourite open-bodice gowns, which is so beautifully stunning and sexy. I've contrasted the elegance of my gown with a little goth style, coming from my well worn croc boots, together with bandanas on my right arm and left thigh (which also symbolize balance). Topped off with very cute and practical gloves, fingerless of course to show of my freshly painted nails.
My finishing touches were curling my hair delicately and tying it back so as to show off the centrepiece of my Wiccan Goddess outfit, which is my carefully selected jewelry. Just for a little background information, I am wearing today the Triple Goddess tiara, which is the Wiccan symbol of the The Divine Feminine!

The Divine Feminine has been worshipped as Three-Who-Is-One throughout history.
As written by Barbara Walker in The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets - "Anatolian villages in the 7th millennium B.C. worshipped a Goddess in three aspects: as a young woman, a birth-giving matron, and an old woman."
This is what is meant by Triple Goddess or The Divine Feminine.
I'm also wearing matching earrings which incorporate both the Triple Goddess and the Double Spiral. The Double Spiral represents the dual purpose of life, the journey inward to your Essence, and then outward to the world! It symbolizes balance and the journey of life, and is very closely related to the Yin-Yang symbol..
Lastly I've chosen to wear an ancient necklace bearing the words "Blessed Be", because I have a wonderful spell to cast on you all.. Remembering the true Goddess (Divine) is the earth and all nature... ( places candles around the runway )
"Goddess Divine, everywhere is she;"
"Blessed Be thee who wish the same unto all;"
"Blessed Be all who is cherished child of Goddess;"
"Goddess Divine, and all thee, Blessed Be, Blessed Be."

Gown: "Stunning" in white - by Angel's Designs
Gloves: GX Fingerless (Scuplty) Gloves - by Yuli
Bandanas: Nasty Doll Gothic Bandanas - by Lavinia Svenson
Boots: Lace up Platform Boots/Crocs - by Lapointe & Bastchild
Hair: Brelynn II - by Damselfly (modified by Sara)
Jewelry: Triple Goddess tiara and Blessed Be necklace - by Native Visions
Threemoons earrings - by Rhapsody Designs
Thankyou to our guests, our judges and trainers, and to our fellow contestants.. Please enjoy the show!

Will you support me in top model contest?
I am in 4th place and if I can be #1 I can bring back inter-active Church United 4 God , which I lost land recently due to low finances.
Thank you in advance if you can help me. Voting costs 25l and more if you want to donate and help me with getting church back
God bless you for any help you can give . Please spread the word for me and go to following lm . I am in a purple hat wearing purple lipstick
Agee Z. Canto
Also if you know anyone interested in becoming a model, send me an im and I will tell you all the details to become famous model in sl.

 Ascensions: I was but a peasant girl who had visions from the Saints and took this to the king and convience him to let me demonstrate that I had the ability to match my ambitions and so I led French forces to liberate the City of Orleans from an English Siege.Not long after my conquest I was to burn at the stake declared "WITCH".I humbly introduce myself to you as Jehanne d'Arch
but you may know me as Joan of Arc...
Hello,I am Ascensions(Ace) and I would like to give you a warm Welcome to Tonights Styling Event,"Witch Theme".
Instead of a fictional Witch I have decided to bring you a tail of a woman admired by many she is a Historical Hero of France,I do hope I presented Ms.Joan of Arc well she was an extraordinary woman I do admire.I am wearing a Silver trimmed in Gold Armor that consist of many parts for one:The heavy silver ChainMail covering my chest and legs along with armored Boots,A silver Neck Plate matched with Shoulder Armor and" With Sword in hand I am ready to take on the World with Gods Grace".

If you have enjoy tonights/Day show,I welcome you to come back for yet another event Our showcase continues every Night/Day with a great evening of entertainment in our own Fashion Styling Themes.Pls contact Staff or Trainer for more info.I have just a few Thank Yous,Ty Anrol and Steve for your dedication and support,Ty CWS Staff and Trainers,Special TY to Debbiedoo,Laylah,Tiffani,Lisa,Vicky for all your hard work and time,Last but not least I want to thank you the audience for coming out and RAWKING the runway with us from your seats.This assemble can be found by the following...

 ****************** STYLING CARD********************
Shape: .:: DELISH ::. Riley Shape **Modifiable**
Skin: al vulo- Jenny * natural fairy
Eyes: IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Summer (ML)
EyeLashes: .:: DELISH ::. Riley Eyelashes
Eyebrow: **NOYA** Eyebrow type 3
MakeUp: Jenny * natural fairy
Hair: A&A Meg Hair 10
Boot/Shoe: AoD-Armor Boots
 Outfit : AoD-Armor


SothisSirius Resident: Ladies and gentlemen, good evening, my name is Sothis Sirius.\nI want to present this evening, my light mix and match "Witch"\nI chose to mix modern with a touch of extravaguance.\nSo I wear a skin and a home birth hairbase. My black hat very nicely at House Of Europe Haire basis of my famous boutiquechez EMO-tion.\n\nYou can appreciate my home accessory and home finesmith WTG that are a mix between chic and Avangarde.\n\nMy pants and my shirt very dark in MIAmai, my makeup dechez Black liquid that enhances my face .....\n\nLong nails in my MIAMAI\n\nAnd my stick at Magic FINESMITH\n\nThank you and I hope you liked my creation.\n\nSkin: Skin Nico * Birth *\n\nHairbase: * EMO-tion *\n\nPiercings: WTG * Tear * eye charm\n\nEarring: Finesmith "BlackNile"\n\nRing: Ring-Black Finesmith gemcolorset\n\nNecklace: * Mandala * - Shaka-Necklace / silver\n\nShirt: MIAMAI _ChodCollection_Skanda\n\nPants: Black MIAMAI ChodCollection_Begtse\n\nHat: HOE - LUXURY MAN\n\nNails: Nails MIAMAI_Isis\n\nMake Up: black

Beth Bloodwing (elizabeth.windstorm): Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Glenda The Good Witch Of the West, AKA Elizabeth Windstorm. I would Love to Welcome you To the Land Of styling, Witch theme.
As I have said I am Glenda The Good Witch Of the South I use My Magic to Protect the People Of the Land Of Oz, But there Is The Wicked Witch Of the East and West. The Witch Of the East is dead Because the House Of My Friend Dorthy Landed On her, But Now the Wicked Witch of the West Is after her and the ruby Slippers I took Off the dead witch's feet. Dorthy Must Follow the Yellow Brick Road and Find the Wonderful Wizard Of OZ TO get home. She comes across the most amazing People She has ever Met. She Defeats the Wicked Witch Of the West But Doesn't Make the Balloon that the Wizard Has Put out to Get her home. She comes Back to ME crying and ask How She is to get back home . Tap you Heels and Say out Loud there Is No Place Like Home
Shoes:By Decadent Designs
Skin :cStar Limited
Shape :Oleander Designs
FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes
Glenda outfit (
Jewelry Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry
Hair Calla
I would Now Like to thank you all For being Here. Anrol and Steve For Being Here To Do the Hard Work That Helped Me Make this Dream Reality. Debbieoo, Janet and Rhea For Helping ME Keep myself were I need to be. To all The trainers For teaching Me everything I Have Learned, Hopefully I will be back with you all soon. To All my Fellow Contestants, and all the fans Here tonight. Thanks For Making It Fun.
Love you all Elizabeth

Starfire Outlander.. She gave no style card, but her kitty on her shoulder had a potty mouth that entertained ~most~ of the audience.

 Laci Rossini-Gothly (laci.rossini): Welcome all to our Witch's Styling. This is a theme close to my heart as i am Wiccan, considered a witch, but no black magic here... lol. I am a good witch, sometimes ;P, and today wanted to style my bad side, not my sometimes good side, I am not evil but i can be.. Laci is wearing a red dress called Devils Bride and black frilly skirt that compliments this outfit with a hat and wand. and she finished off with black boots, Hope you like my styling.or i might cast a spell on you muahaahah.
Style Card
Devils bride outfit by Calla
A'VION - Black Eyeliner - Artistic and Spun
[mock]Modlife True Blood (eye only)
A'VION - Eyelashes "Mythic"
! FP Goth makeup w Silver Shadow no lash
Elder Wand of the Sages
Heart Pentacle by Katrina Puglist
LC VAMP: Emberlei - Coal w/Sable Fur Boots
ND/MD Mystica hair
star bright witch flexi skirt by AliciaKay Kilara
star bright witch hat
Zuri Rayna~Enchanted (R) Spider Elite Bracelet
Zuri's Tears of Blood/Gold Earrings (
ND/MD Mystica Elven eyes
Thanks to all who came out tonight,, ty Anrol and Steve for letting us do this each week, Our Announcer Vicky and Judge Debbie, ,and thanks to my husband Darken for all his support. Have a witchy nite!

SXYCHANEL: Hello, Welcome to tonights event Witches Theme my name is SxyChanel and I am a Arachne, known as "The Heretic" witch, Arachne becomes the second main antagonist. She is the leader of the massive Organization "Arachnophobia" and is referred to as the mother of all Demon Weapons. She is the eldest of the three Gorgon Sisters — which includes Medusa and Shaula Gorgon, making her Crona's aunt. Her animal theme is the spider.
I chose to wear Moreas black fi tted gown with a spider web neckline,and many little details, it has a beautiful flexi skirt lightly transparent flows in fantastic movements when you turn and walk, with beautiful flexi sleeves, Wing Spine drom PM. My hair is from Tuty's and my Jewelery comes from Chop Zuey and PM, Skin and shape is Mayden Couture, shoe is KL, Spider tattoo by New Face.
I hope you are all having a good evening and I would like to thank you all for taking time to come out to tonights event

Princess Violeta (violetagrace): Freaky evening to all , bewitching ladies and gentlemen, to CWS Staff, Anrol, Steve, Debbie, Vicky, Laylah and Tiffy, to my family and good friends. In front of you is Princess Violeta of Infinite Theistic Clan. Welcome to our Witch theme Styling event.
She's was stunned upon hearing the news from her people when she arrived in Tempest kingdom from her tiring and exhausting modeling work from MJS and Charltina. Makes her furios and her blood was boiling to the maximum level. the vampires attacked the Tempest Kingdom while her people are busy building and looking for food. Her sister Princess Kassandra was been captured since kassandra is the only one fighting and the mercenaries came late. Kassandra is a brave knightress but Kass was defeated by dark angel Uruqa, the Morrigans wicked & fierce sorcerer. Princess violeta is truley magical and powerful, she knows she can defeat the Morrigans. She ask her King Fathers permission to rescue her sister kass alone. without any knights she flee at the midnight, using her magical to be invisible and sneaking into tempest darkforest. She get first the dark magical broom of DArk Angel from the cupboard. She thought that could be useful. and finally looking around at the dungeon for Kassandra. and freed her.
 the Morriagans was alarmed upon their escape, they are fighting until dawn side by side and manage to escape using the magical broom. and they arrive the Tempest Kingdom safely.

 though Princess Violeta was exhausted from the fight, she goes dorectly to the runway for her witch Styling event. and she have the right thing in her hands. she's wearing a fabulous weather Black ice gown with provocative opening top, and a opening in the side which show cased her sun skin curvacious bod. FEatured feathers on the hemline which sweeps accross the floor while walking. a beutifully desigh felxi cloak to make her look more grandest and fierce. She wore a viel to help her disguise and not easily recognize. with a lazy tied long flowing black hair.
Witch STyling Outfit:
Snow black ice gown from HOB
make ups from vogue
Black pumps from Bliss Couture
VEil from a friend
broomstcik from a friend
Drlife tan skin from friend
Thank you for a wonderful event today, truely honored to be attend despite of the busy schedule and to all CWS staff, trainors who dedicate their time. Anrol and Steve. you have an awesome team. tomy friends, thank you for the encouragement. I am fierce and brave to face challenges. and i loe challenges. CWS thank you for making me strong and brave. and giving me more confidence. More power to CWS!!!

 Aquasia AquaJet (aquasia2): Hello everyone. Welcome to tonights' show. The theme for tonight is Witches. I chose to be the Villian and be the bad Witch tonight.. Nothing say more than being Gothic than ExXess. This metallic green marble dress is sure to impress my fellow witches as myself. I have cuffs and a fur collar with a magical beaded neck that is my source of power.

Shape: R.icielli modified into CWS model shape
Skin: R.icielli
Eyes: Sweet: in Med. Violette
CB Spirit sky baldie
Tattoos & Layers : R.icielli: Lashes / Tattanooga Face mark/ R.cielli Glamour Makeup
Bellydance Physics V3
EXxeSs cuffs & necklaces
EXxeSs boots
EXxess Laudanum green outfit
Hazzard Deviant Hair
 Thank-you everyone for coming to the show tonight. Thankyou to our judges, trainers, dean, Anrol and Steve. Without them we wouldnt have these wonderful shows and contest. With them CWS is simply the best!

Lilmama Artis - Bowler (lilmama.artis): Hello ,Good evening ladies and gentleman, judge thank you for giving of your time tonight to be here with us . Im Lilmama Artis, and welcome to tonights Styling Witch Theme
 Im your typical Bunny witch, my mother is a witch and my dad is a bunny. I attend Haunt High School, love hanging out with my friends at the local hamburger joint, Nix & Mac's Dirty Burger, goes on dates and I am a witch. I also lives in a magical realm known as the Secondlife World more precisely in a town called Linden World which is populated by witches, vampires, werewolves, zombies, witch doctors, demons, devils, well, you get the idea. I choose to wear Bunny Witch Red comes with red witch hat, red bunny ears, fluffy red tail, red pants, red skirt(sculpt), shirt red, sculpt sleeves, hood (not wearing)and (2) red cloaks, with red VillanCia heels, sculpted lashes, smokey eyeshadow with lipgloss, and fri.-quinn moody brown hair.
OUTFIT: Bunny Witch Red_Box Created by Risusipo Jun.
SHOES: VillanciA Red Created by Mahalee Breen.
SHAPE: SHani SHape By Kush (new) Created by Bucket Linden modify by me.
EYES: Miss-Brown_Grey Contact
SKIN: Fierce Body Bonutique Skin --Samor 05 tan
MAKE-UP: Face Make Up Combination (smokey+lipgloss) Created by Noya Resident.
LASHES: SCULPTED LASHES Designed by Demi Placebo.
HAIR: fri. - Quinn - Moody Brown Created by Darling Monday.
JEWELRY: JCNY 'First Romance' Engagement.

And the winners are......

Congrats: Our 3rd place Winner
                            Ms  Laci Rossini
                 2nd Place Winner
                       Ms  oooSaraoo Resident
                Winner:  Ms Ascensions Resident

Simply the BEST!....... teachers!!

You Learn More from Being Wrong than from Being Right~

A Student Is Only ever as good as their teacher. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation go out to all my teachers Here. So, today I have decided to write a short letter to each:
Tiffani Celestalis
Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. ~Chinese Proverb

Dear Tiffani,
       Thank you for all you did... not only in the classroom, like teaching us prim editing, and character tests, along with practicing with us on the runway formations, but.. also for your personal one on one helping me with teaching me what to do for a quick change outfit, since the other way wouldn't work for me. I really appreciate all that you taught me this month! My forever gratitude!

Vicky Yoshikawa Yongbo
You learn something every day if you pay attention. ~Ray LeBlond

Dear Vicky,
                 Thank you for all you did in teaching the whole class how to organize their inventories, and how to create quick change outfits. I am thankful for the fantastic grade on my final bit of homework for ya... that "A" really made my night, along with reading your comments!  On a personal one on one level... telling me about the pose fair, where I was able to pick up a few poses at a great deal. Also thanks for helping me try to figure out why the blue poses wouldn't work in my huddle. Got it working... finally.  My forever gratitude!

lisana Rossen
Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will. ~Vernon Howard
        Dear Lisana,         
                          Thank you for teaching the whole class the art of "Slow walk" lol Who knew you'd need help learning how to walk and turn? And also all the tips on lag.. that was a very information filled day. I learned so many valuable things in your class. Also for the extra practice on each formation!...My forever gratitude!

 DebbieDoo Tigerfish

When the student is ready, the master appears. ~Buddhist Proverb
Dear Debbiedoo,
                       Wow, where to start... you've taught us all so much! From how to walk straight, (who knew that might be hard? Thanks also, for taking me shopping to buy the required poses, and for helping me find a better "default pose"  On a one on one basis, you've always been there anytime I had an issue or question, and always with a helpful answer, or as with my blue poses.. a helping hand whipping my huddle into shape. My forever gratitude!!

 Didier Rascon
A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study. ~Chinese Proverb

Dear Didier,
                 I really enjoyed your photography classes, and helpful tips. I also enjoyed reading what you thought about my homework assignments, because I had lots of fun doing them. I am happy that you liked what I ended up with, because I loved how they have all turned out so far, and I really appreciated the tips in how to further improve. Thanks also for the help on the eye movement hud. It is such a timesaver. That one on one help was invaluable. Thanks... for teaching my second favorite class.. you have my forever gratitude... But... the last teacher on my list...held a class I loved even more!!!........
 Laylah Lecker
You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives. ~Clay P. Bedford

Dear Layla,
                  Yep, you for sure taught my most favorite class this month. I have a deep and ever lasting love, for the written word! Teaching how, and where to write blogs, has been a lasting gift that will give me hours and hours of enjoyment. You are a fantastic, patient teacher, kind, and very much a person I wish to keep as not only my teacher, but as my new friend! Blogs... who knew I could have a place to go on and on about my opinion and that people might care to read it!? lol

My FOREVER gratitude !

 Thanks once again, to all six of my teachers for everything you have done for me this month! Go class of May!

Get over the idea that only children should spend their time in study. Be a student so long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life. ~Henry L. Doherty

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beautiful dream~

Wow, time is flying by even faster Then I realized. After class, I spent most of my evening playing catch up.. I am forever grateful to Janet Brink along with her photography business for sponsoring me.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wish me luck!

I will be styling tonight as part of our our homework:

Classic with style shows
Event: Styling Boxers Theme
Time: 5:00 pm/slt

I have a cute lil boxer outfit to wear and cant wait to be on the runway with my fellow class mates.
Never took pics but I have won the styling events three times so far. Here is a pic of one of the three wins. I was so shocked and surprised they called my name as the winner. What an honor. Thats also the day I found out that I'd be sponsored to attend the university. I was so surprised. Thanks Janet Brink!

I didn't win the boxer styling tonight, but I still had so much fun.
heres a pic of tonights winners:

Congrats Ladies!
1st -  Sidney Abbot
                                                                   2nd -  VioletaGrace
                                                                      3rd - Ascensions

Monday, May 21, 2012

So Excited..

I can't WAIT to wear one of these pink toga's with all my classmates! GO class of MAY!
For sure the best class that they have ever seen!

Things really have been getting exciting lately, I am looking forward to the Graduation ceremony for CLASS OF MAY! Wow, that really IS just around the corner..Time flew by so fast, and it has all kept me ultra busy. I cant wait to walk the runway with all my other classmates.

Along the way I made many new friends, but especially with Serenity Ledevre, and Aquasia AquaJet. I love both of you!

Serenity.. I am so glad that I met you that one evening while practicing on the styling runway!
 I cherish our friendship, and look forward to a future with you as my sweet friend!

Aqua, I am truly honored by your friendship, and that you feel as if I am a sister.
I know we will continue to grow closer as time goes along, and I think of you as
a sister as well!

Here are some photos of the practice runways located at the University of Classic with Style class Sim, My Favorite is Beach runway, then the Dome runway, and last Styling runway, but I do enjoy learning the formations for all three.

This is the practice Beach runway. It is my favorite one of all, I Love how it looks when I am in sync with the girl on the opposite side, so pretty.

This is the  practice Dome runway... also fun but a bit more challenging.

This is the practice Styling runway, the first formation I learned.