Sunday, June 3, 2012

~ Hot Beach Finale ~

Wow... Just got done watching my first CWS finale, and what a first! Let me tell you all about it, using words and pictures!
Tonight's show was announced live through voice by DJ and Emcee wildrose.bijoux, and she did a fantastic job.

First round was Swimwear competition :

Paris Unplugged stepped out first wearing her red bikini she describes as " created to reflect femininity, luxury, class and style, as well as functionality."

Liberty Lighthouse steps out next in what she describes as " a pink and white delightfully flirtatious, yet sophisticated teeny thong bikini"

Janet Brink steps out next in what she describes "a two string design halter top with a lovely texture on the cups, and piping around to give that finished look"

Sunrae Suntzu stepped out in a bikini and hair that looked slightly different then this, and then magically, she changed, her hair fell in waves and the suit added this lil side skirt. I was amazed as I watched.

Next some of the new models on the class of May showed up to entertain everyone in a mid show dance. They looked like they all had lots of fun, and it was very colorful.

Next was the talent portion of the show with the styling theme "Exotic dancer" And let me say this, I was completely amazed at the things the models came up with. Pictures wont do any of it justice, but It was an amazing show!
Paris Unplugged entertained the crowd with a fire juggling act, while wearing this very pretty sequined red Exotic dancer costume.

Liberty Lighthouse brought out her own stage for her talent, and I was completely speechless as I watched, as so was the crowd, for awhile, all was silence as we watched her perform erotic tease dance for everyone.

Next, Janet Brink also brought out her own stage, one she named "Janet's Place". Another lovely performance, that the crowd all seemed to enjoy.

Sunrae Suntzu  totally blew the whole crowd away, starting her talent in a tame white costume with baton, and then she climbed her stage, which secretly had a closing curtain, She did a quick change into a angel costume, and then blew the whole stage up with fiery flames everywhere, as she performed another quick change, that once the smoke cleared, revealed her in this lil devil costume. She also danced as part of her talent, but it was the clever use of curtains and pyro effects that made her take everyone breath away.. The audience roared its approval!

The new models of May 2012 came out once again to perform another lil dance skit.. this time in beach themes.

For the final part of the contest, the models were asked to style a gown in Hawaiian theme, In this round each contestant was also asked a question. All the ladies did great in their replies.

Paris Unplugged came out in her gown first. She combined two gowns to make one lovely look.

Liberty Lighthouse came out next in a gown made of Hawaii's state flower, Hibiscus, What a lovely gown!

Janet Brink's gown which started as << Miss Costa Rica >> in green, and redone in a Hawaiian look by changing the headpiece and adding lei and wrist flowers.

Sunrae Suntzu's gown completely took my breath away, It had actual water flowing in the skirt, ending in a puddle of mist at the hem, and rainbows accented the look. Seeing it in pictures doesn't do it justice!

While the judges tallied their votes, a mini concert was put on by Pman Sands and his band, and then the judges joined in the fun, as can be seen by them holding up lighters mid concert!
Next Pman Sands and his band came out to perform a mini concert for the entertainment of the audience. The crowd loved them.

Laylah Lecker, waving her lighter.

Tiffani Celestalis, waving her lighter.

Pirate Debbiedoo Tigerfish, coming at you with her lighter.. lol

Now its finally time, for us to learn the winners.. Tonight Classic With Style gave away more then 200,000  lindens in prizes! Congrats to the lucky ladies!

Most Photogenic went to Liberty Lighthouse. Congrats!
 Best Creative Talent went to Sunrae Suntzu. Congrats!

3rd runner up is Paris Unplugged. Congrats!

2nd Runner Up is Liberty Lighthouse. Congrats!

The Firework show spells out the name of the winner of tonight's contest, Sunrae Suntzu Congrats!

Here is Sunrae Suntzu with her winning trophy. You did a fantastic job tonight!

The winners on podium, Sunrae Suntzu, as Ms Hot Beach  2012, Her 1st runner up Janet Brink, 2nd Runner Up  Liberty Lighthouse,3rd runner up  Paris Unplugged. Congrats ladies!

Anrol Anthony, is tonight's text announcer, and she gave away gowns like she is wearing to every female that stayed the whole show. What a fantastic gift!

I had so much fun tonight, watching the  Classic With Style Ms Hot Beach 2012, and so did everyone else in the audience! You had to be there!

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