Saturday, June 2, 2012

Class of May 2012

Yep, It is official! I made it through a rather demanding course at the University of Classic with Style ! Walking the graduation runway was a very proud moment for me.

Standing up in the Dome, and looking around at the other students all waiting for their names to be called, was a great moment. And one by one, our names were called, and we took our turns walking the runway. I loved reading each description that Anrol read as each did their graduation formation.

Pride on all the hard work it took to bring us all here together, filled my heart.

After the last student took their walk, all the teachers surprised us with a "quick change" into 70's costumes and danced, some wore colorful balls of light around them that showed only their silhouettes and others wore rainbow silhouettes. They danced to the following song . D. I. S. C. O.!

Then it came time for Anrol to announce the winner of the Best Blog award. In typical Anrol fashion, she tortured us all with a few stalls, but then she talked about how, when shed gone to pick the winner of the blog, she had only intended on doing some skimming, but when she came to the winners blog, It made her forget what she was doing in both RL and SL, as she read it. Wow.. what a compliment.. to any writer, to know that they took someone "away", with their words!
Next she posted parts of the winning blog, and wow... there were my own words! I was so thrilled.

The prize for winning blog is a scholarship to the Advanced course. Watch out class of Sept, Eva Madenwald is heading your way! lol

Next came time to announce the winner of valedictorian. Between both honors, I knew I wanted to get one, but if I had to choose, it would have been best blog, so I am completely thrilled. Congrats to the winner of valedictorian : Ania Lennie! If you felt anywhere near half what I was feeling after winning best blog, I know exactly how you were feeling when Anrol said your name!

Winner of Valedictorian also wins a scholarship to the Advanced course! Good luck Ania, when you attend!

Then when the ceremony was over, we had a best of 70's Graduation party. I had lots of fun dancing the rest of the night away!

Here we all are after we practiced the graduation formation.

And here is our Class photo! The teachers and Anrol joined us. Congrats class of May 2012 !

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