Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Simply the BEST ~ students!

Here I am Early Monday morning waiting for Didier to show up to do finals.. Look at my expression..Do I look nervous? Because I sure was! lol

I took my finals with the lovely Ania Lennie...Thanks for being a fantastic finals partner Ania!
Congrats to my fellow graduates:
Ania Lennie
Aquasia Aquajet
Babette Upshaw
Aphrodite Corleone
Serenity Ledevre
SilkyVv Resident
SothisSirius Resident
Wulla Zabelin

You all did such a fantastic job, and each of you worked so hard this month!

The Graduation Ceremony is Friday, June 1st 2012, at 3 PM slt.

Come join us, and cheer your favorite new model on as she walks her way down the runway!

Here is Didier, getting comfy, before starting his long day of doing finals with the 9 of us. Thank you for your time, and for passing each and every fantastic student!

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